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Welcome to World Meat Free Week 2019!

Hot on the heels of Veganuary and Plant Power Day, we’ve now hit World Meat Free Week 2019!

Now before you panic like I did and think “I can’t possibly give up my Friday night chicken!” or “What? No Full English on Sunday Morning?” you might be encouraged/relieved to know that the aim of the week ISN’T for us all to turn veggie for 7 days BUT, instead, to give up meat at just one meal during the week. Suddenly not quite so daunting right? Feels more achievable doesn’t it? In fact, I bet you probably already have at least one meat free meal a week. So maybe you could do one more?

But why you might ask?

I’m sure you haven’t missed all the headlines, TV programmes, debates etc about the damage that is being done to our environment and how climate change is accelerating at an alarming rate.

There are other pages out there that can describe this much more accurately and credibly than I can but we are being warned that something needs to be done – and it needs to be done fast – if we want to try and slow down the damage that is being done and leave this world in semi-decent state for future generations.

And the biggest thing that the experts are saying we can each do to help?

Reduce our intake of meat.  (Well eggs and dairy too but we’ll save those for another day!).

This is because  of the negative impact that intensive farming of it has on our environment –and I’m sure I won’t be quite shocked to hear that despite taking up the majority of farmland, meat and dairy actually only accounts for 18% of food calories and around a third of the protein that people consume – i.e. we’re getting pretty poor “bang for our buck”!!

So it’s to try and help support that behaviour change that World Meat Free Week is encouraging each of us to give it up for just one meal during the course of the week (or one additional meal if you already give meat a miss at some point during the week e.g. Meat Free Monday)

With all of that in mind – and because I love a good challenge – I’ve decided that Mr Little and I will be giving meat a miss at at least one meal this week (although I haven’t actually told him that – who doesn’t love a surprise?!) and I’m hoping that you will join us and do the same

There are lots of meat free recipes on my website and in the “My Relationship with Food” cookbook if you need inspiration but, to get you started, here are my top 3 meat free recipes and links to where you can find them

  1. Shakshuka – perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner – the texture and flavour from the Shiitake mushrooms almost gives the impression that it contains meat – a great alternative to the Full English!
  2. Baked Cauliflower & Sweet Potato Patties – these are easy to make and can be prepped ahead -they’re delicious either hot as an alternative to a burger, or cold as part of salad – so why not make them for dinner and then have the leftovers with lunch the following day?
  3. Roasted Sweetcorn & Halloumi Salad – serve this as either an accompaniment (great for BBQs) or as a meal in itself – it will brighten up your day even when the sun doesn’t shine!

If you decide to join the challenge then why not share your meat free creations with me on Instagram @myrelationshipwithfood and #myrelationshipwithfood – I would love to see what you are making and eating!

And to find out more about World Meat Free Week 2019 then check out the website

Lisa x

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