Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness is about ensuring that employees are educated around healthy eating in the workplace, allowing them to make mindful choices. We spend a considerable amount of time focusing on work. From rising in the morning, to going to bed at night, for many of us there is always something to think about. Some employees, 1 in 3 to be exact, skip breakfast to ensure they can arrive at work on time, grabbing a coffee to keep energised and alert. This often leads to hunger mid-morning and reaching for a quick sugary fix, ruining lunchtime as a result which is vital to ensure you remain productive for the rest of the day.

The working day makes it difficult to find time to sit down and eat a healthy meal. Statistics show that 44% of employees eat lunch at their desk. I work closely with companies, promoting the importance of making mindful food choices at work, including making sure you find the time to take a break and eat. I also advise chefs by partnering with an established contract caterer, to offer healthy options to employees in the workplace because sometimes the answer to this problem is simple, improving access to healthier foods.

How can My Relationship with Food benefit your company

Educating employees on how to eat mindfully at work is not just about the food on offer but also how it is presented. I focus on the visual display of food in the best way possible to make it look inviting and delicious.

I also provide interactive cookery workshops, demonstrations and talks on wellness and lifestyle to help embrace healthy living at work.

I understand the importance of healthy eating; I focus on developing tasty, refreshing and vibrant looking recipes that can be made with easy, plant-based ingredients, perfect for those with busy lives. With jam-packed schedules and to do lists that run into infinity, healthy eating doesn’t always receive the recognition it deserves and can find itself falling to the end of the priority list. It is important that individuals in the workplace ingest the right amount of good food to help them achieve their best. I am also able to talk to employees about how to incorporate the time to include a balance diet, how to make ‘smart swaps’ that involve replacing certain foods with healthier alternatives as well as all about the practice of mindful eating.

I often advise people to ‘eat the rainbow’. Focusing on various coloured foods can widen the scope of the nutrients you provide yourself with. Yellow foods such as bananas can boost our energy and is pivotal for anyone who lives an active lifestyle, for example if you like to head to the gym in between work. It is widely remarked that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ as it can help lessen the effects of colds and flu, something that is important when on a busy schedule with little time for rest.

A healthy relationship with food involves eating delicious, nutritional meals that feed your mind, body and soul. I have learnt that changing your eating habits can change your life.

For after all, health requires healthy food.

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