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Eating Mindfully

Eating mindfully does not mean working towards a certain body shape or size, it is all about caring for the health of your body; not only focusing on what it looks like from the outside but reflecting on what is going on inside too.

This comes with paying attention to what you eat, by building a positive relationship with your food, body and mind. Let go of any external food rules like using calories, portion sizes or meal plans to make your eating decisions for you.

It is not about letting go of any anxiety, guilt or fear that you may feel towards eating, it is about recognising when you are hungry and allowing yourself to indulge when you need to, then knowing when it is time to stop. Everything is good in moderation. Allow yourself to make the most out of your senses, satisfaction from food does not only come from taste but smells, sight and sounds too.

The method is about practising eating with mindfulness and taking pleasure in the whole journey, of the look, the tastes, the smells and really enjoying the experience of eating.

It also involves knowing what foods truly satisfy you both physically and mentally, what leaves you feeling good on the inside.

Being mindful is also about allowing yourself to be active and make the most out of physical activity. Do not be so judgemental of the parts of your body that you may not be happy with. Through intuitive eating and being mindful you can learn to be satisfied and happy with the things you perhaps were not content with before. You can start to really respect your body and realise how amazing it truly is.

Being mindful is not about weight loss, this process allows your body to find a healthy weight that it can maintain without the need for constant dieting. This is what I did when I formed my positive relationship with food, I found this lifestyle suited me and I am happy to say that my weight has not fluctuated.

So, allow yourself the luxury of being happy with your body by respecting it and being mindful about how you treat it. The feeling of immense satisfaction and confidence you will gain is the greatest reward you could wish for.

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