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Making Mindful Choices

Mindful Eating Choices

Most of us feel like there just aren’t enough hours in our day to do everything. We feel so limited for time, whether it’s trying to sneak in a morning work-out, rushing to do the school run or catching the train to get into the office for morning meetings, most of us are in too much of a hurry to prep food/snacks for our day. I know when I’m rushing out the door, if I’ve got my phone, keys, wallet and an apple, then I’m good to go.

But thankfully for us, healthy eating has never been so accessible, with restaurants and supermarkets providing us with fresh, nutritious & free-from foods.

However, last Saturday I was scammed! I was out shopping in the usual London rush and saw a ‘‘buy 1 and get 1 free’’ offer on what was claiming to be ‘‘healthy, gluten free & organic packet of lentil chips’’. To my own fault I was on auto pilot and after glancing at the written proclaimed goodness, I experienced a very uncomfortable windy few hours…I’ll try and spare you the real details. Alas, I had been misled; the lentil chips were anything far from healthy as they were loaded with E numbers. This was a mental note for me to slow down when running through a supermarket in that horrible rush as you may get more than you bargain for!

Eating out and spending time with my family and friends, is something that I absolutely love, but I do occasionally find myself lost with all the options and trying to eat healthy can sometimes feel difficult. I think it’s helpful to remember that when eating out, you don’t have to feel pressured into eating something you don’t want to, as you can always ask the waiter/waitress for an alternative. Fish is always a great option, grilled or cooked simply without it swimming in too much oil. Having this with a side salad or some steamed vegetables is truly delicious.

When thinking about my day food-wise and where I am going out to eat, I’ll have a healthy breakfast followed by a light lunch if I know I’m going out for dinner, this helps me be a little more forward thinking, plus when I’m meal prepping, it can seem to be time consuming, however, it is good to remember, a little planning goes a long way. Your health is your wealth, make sure you have a good source of protein (chicken, fish, meat, soya) and lots of vegetables. By having healthy food on hand, will help you avoid those hunger moments when you can’t even think never mind make a mindful choice on what food to eat (yes, we all get them).

We are all surrounded with options and I would like to help and show you an alternative below that is not as expensive as one may think and is healthier for you.

Here are some food option swaps that I add in my recipes, which you can do too:

This week’s meal option swap– “Your health is your wealth”

You could have this: Takeaway Margarita Pizza – Large = £15

Or my Cauliflower Pizza Base with Blue Cheese, Pear & Walnuts = £7

Be mindful today as it will go a long way.

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