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International Women’s Day

Today the world is celebrating a very significant day… International Women’s Day.  Women’s Day is the day to pay tribute to every woman and salute her immense contribution towards shaping society.

Here are a few quotes to show the power of women:

“A man with dreams needs a woman with vision.”

“Behind every successful man there is a woman.”

“No man succeeds without a good woman behind him.”

Today is about moving women to the forefront, and the men taking a step aside!

I will always remember the remarks I received when I decided I wanted to become my own boss, and inspire others to cook. Naturally I asked people what they thought of myself setting up a business teaching adults and children to cook. Most of the people I asked were incredibly positive although there were a few people who questioned why anyone would want to pay to be taught how to cook by myself? I will always remember those discussions, and be grateful for them, as those comments spurred me on and proved what I always intended to do.

Ever since I set up my business in 2008 I have received such wonderful feedback from students of all ages. My dream was always to encourage people to have the confidence to cook. And that is exactly the profession I have created. Like anything in life, progression takes time and over the years I have taught myself how to improve in the art of teaching and inspiring others.

I can only hope that my path of life continues to help others. Whether it is through teaching cookery, creating another cookbook or helping people better their relationship with food, I am so grateful that I can contribute to society.

It’s not easy to be your own boss; working for yourself is, for many, the ultimate dream. Motivation and perseverance are two key elements. You have to believe in yourself and be extremely committed to what you are good at. You have the ability to create your own hours, your own lifestyle and maintain the drive to achieve many opportunities. This is all great but it really only works if you do.

There are many women who have inspired me along the way, and we are all doing our best to empower others, so today take some time out to be proud of the person you are and what you give. Yes you might be that superwoman behind superman, although you can also just be that wonderful Mum, sister friend, aunt, colleague the list is endless just as long as you know that you’re enhancing other peoples lives is enough to put a smile on peoples faces.

Join the world today in celebrating what you do best, in bringing joy to others.

Lisa x

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