My Relationship with Food Silicone Fibreglass Baking Mat


Many home cooks have not embraced this newest line of baking mat, some of us have been slightly cautious to let go of our traditional use
of foil or parchment paper.

My relationship with Food silicone fibreglass baking mats are the perfect choice and the investment will last for years. The benefit of the BPA-free silicone mat is that nothing sticks thus enabling cooks to reduce oil up to a full 100%. Whether the mat is used for roasting vegetables, with only a touch of oil for flavour, or baking homemade fish & chips made with corn flakes instead of traditional wheat-based batter, any added oil is minimal compared to frying. The results are delicious and have the advantage of decreasing the chances of developing type 2 diabetes or heart disease in later life.

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  • Non-stick, eco-friendly, flexible baking mat which makes cleaning up easy!
  • Place the baking mat with the writing side up on a baking tray or rack
  • Easy to remove food from the baking mat without sticking, cools down quickly once out of the oven, prevents burning biscuits or pastries.
  • Sweet or savoury can be baked directly on the mat – a healthy way to cook for your family
  • Wipe clean with a damp, soft sponge and then rinse with cold water, a mild soap or detergent may be used if needed
  • A slight discolouration of the mesh is normal after use
  • These baking mats are very durable, they cannot break, rust, stain or dent
  • The silicone material of the baking mat provides even heat distribution and speeds up the process of batch baking as you don’t have to wait too long before removing the biscuits from the mat
  • These baking mats can withstand temperatures from -40oc to 250oc, from the freezer to oven, refrigerator to microwave
  • Can be used over and over again and does not pick up the flavours of the foods that have cooked with it previously
  • The baking mat measures at 295x380mm
  • FDA & LFGB approved materials BPA-free


What not to do

    • Never cut food on top of the baking mat
    • Avoid using dishwasher as a method for cleaning , as they may harm the baking mat
    • Only grease the baking mat if the recipe requires it
    • Never use a cut or ripped mat as the fiberglass mesh material could migrate onto the food
    • Do not use the baking mat over an open flame, under the grill or place directly on the bottom of an oven
    • Do not use scrapers or brushes to clean the baking mat

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