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Musings on Marriage

I can hardly believe that it’s a year since the soulmate I thought I would never find did me the great honour of becoming my husband. I am filled with happiness and gratitude for the incredible time we’ve spent together so far, and excited for the time that lies ahead of us and the amazing memories that I hope we will make.

As I sit here reflecting on the first year we’ve spent together as man and wife, I feel so thankful for the important lessons about love, relationships and marriage that I’ve learned in my first 365 days as a “Mrs” and thought that I would share 5 of these with you.

Lesson 1: Be patient: things may not always happen as and when – or indeed in the way that we might want them to – but just “go with the flow” and who knows? Things might turn out even better!

Lesson 2: Give each other space: Just as flowers, plants and animals need their space if they’re to truly grow, thrive and flourish, so too do people and relationships.

Lesson 3: Gratitude: Not just for the big gestures but, just as importantly, for the each and every one of the smaller gestures. Sometimes there is nothing that makes the heart swell with happiness more than your partner running you a hot bath after a long day or making you dinner after a long day.

Lesson 4: Communication is key: Don’t be afraid to speak your feelings – holding them in can quite often do much more harm than good and you never know, your partner might be feeling exactly the same way.

Lesson 5: We don’t always have to agree: There are two of us in this relationship and we aren’t always going to see eye-to-eye on everything – but that is no bad thing. If we all thought about, saw and approached things in the same way, then there would be no diversity in life – or in food come to think of it!

And these 5 lessons DON’T just apply to marriage – they apply to ANY relationship.

Can you identify with these? And what would be your top 5? I would love for you to let me know by emailing

And here’s to the lessons to come in Year 2!

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