Cook with Lisa

It couldn’t be simpler to learn how to cook with Lisa. I will devise a menu option for you to choose. Once you’ve decided on your menu I’ll then send you a shopping list so when we cook together everything we need is to hand.

I’ll arrive 15 minutes before we cook to set up so we can concentrate on cooking not unpacking.

At the end of the session you’ll be left with some delicious dishes and a smug smile on your face as you will now be confident enough to recreate these tasty meals any time you like!

Cook with friends

I usually teach between one to two people at a time so if you have a friend, partner or child who also wants to join why not book a joint session?

When we cook, we usually make enough for four to six people meaning you can freeze some for later if you have guests coming to enjoy your work. As you are already at home that means no juggling containers of food on the go. Cooking at home means you’re more relaxed and we only make meals with the equipment you already have – there’s no point learning to cook with fancy appliances if you have to spend hundreds on equipment just to make them at home.

I’m happy to help you host as well as help you cook – if you’ve got friends who are fab foodies and have made you feel nervous about making a dinner to impress them then let me help you unleash your inner chef. I will even disappear before your guests arrive, leaving you to serve up a fantastic meal and collect some serious compliments.

Who can cook with Lisa?

In a word – everyone! I offer a tailor-made service to anyone interested in learning to cook or trying new dishes or styles of cookery.

Newlyweds – Cooking alone isn’t as fun as creating tasty meals with your partner! But how do you balance your different likes and dislikes? I can help counsel your culinary mis-matches. It’s a common truth than when a woman gets married, the love goes straight to her hips, but I can help make sure the comfort foods your husband loves are healthy and delicious too so you both benefit from an energy boost. A busy work and social life might have left you both with little time for cooking, so I can take you through a number of dishes which can be whipped up in minutes and still taste gourmet.

Singles – I’ll teach you how to save both time and money by batch-baking wonderful meals in bulk to freeze for the future, giving you all the flavour of a home cooked dish with the convenience of a ready meal and saving cash too. In the same amount of time it takes you to order and collect a takeaway I will show you how to make something far tastier at home. If you don’t plan to be a solitary chef much longer, I can help you devise the perfect romantic dinner at home – and make myself scarce before your date arrives so the compliments are all yours!

Parents and Children – Does your son scrunch his face up at vegetables? Is your daughter freaked out by the thought of fish? Do you ever worry your little ones aren’t getting a nourishing, tasty and wholesome diet? Well, a session with me could change all that. When it comes to making delicious and nutritious meals your children will devour and you will feel happy to give them, I offer sessions exclusively for parents where I can help hide 5-a-day portions of veggies in the most unexpected places (Raw Chocolate Brownies are a big hit!). Often the best way to get your children to try new things is to let them help cook at mealtimes, which is why I’m happy to let little ones join in my courses.

New Mums – Having a baby can be an exciting time – but let’s be honest, it’s often stressful and tiring. Why not book a lesson with me during your maternity leave and stock your freezer with easy to bake comfort foods packed with nutrition. They can be simple to reheat when you will have more things to worry about, like nappy changes and endless rounds of visitors?

Healthy Eaters – If you’re working out and striving to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle I can help make sure you achieve your goal. By filling your fridge and cupboards with healthy snacks it’s easy to make the shift to mindful eating.

I’ll help put some zing in your lunchbox – if sandwiches aren’t leaving you satisfied why not give my quick Moroccan Quinoa a try?

Slimmers – I know how hard it is to diet when you love food. I have fought this battle myself but managed to lose four stone through devising delicious, balanced meals. If you’ve found a slimming plan which helps you shed the pounds I can make sure you max out on flavour while your waistline shrinks. Diets often fail when meal plans become repetitive and boring, so let me introduce you to some new dishes which follow the principles of the plan you are following.

Cooking on a Budget – Using seasonal vegetables, less popular cuts of meat and smart shopping you can eat like a king on the budget of a pauper! I can prove that cooking from scratch will save you a fortune over the coming months and teach you how to use leftovers to make delicious meals. Leftover Roast Chicken can be turned into Chicken Rosotto, Roast Beef into Thai Beef Salad and fresh Salmon into Salmon Potato Cakes.


I am happy to cook a selection of dishes you have always wanted to learn how to make and create recipes to suit your dietary requirements or lifestyle needs. If you wanted to cook a balanced menu for a special occasion or party, I can also suggest dishes around a theme. Perhaps you want to recreate the magic of your Italian honeymoon for an anniversary? Maybe you are trying to impress your partner’s parents with an incredible Friday Night Dinner? Or are you trying to spice up your relationship with an Indian feast? I can help you put together the perfect menu.


“I found the experience hassle free, there was no need to drive and find a parking space… I loved the convenience of cooking in my own home”

Emma Levy

‘I loved the swanky new kitchen I got with my new flat but found the fab equipment really daunting – now Lisa has taught me how to appreciate it and it’s become the centre of my home”

Natalie Livingston

“I’ve always been a vegetarian but wanted to cook meat for my husband, now he says my chicken soup is better than his mums, the ultimate compliment!”

Francesca Harris

“I wanted to learn the basics so I could understand where I was going wrong when following recipes, Lisa taught me that and more importantly has given me confidence too.”

David Miller

“Since learning to cook with Lisa my shopping bills have gone down because I buy seasonally, choose cheaper cuts of meat and fish and know how to make basics like beans taste amazing – the quality of my meals has gone up 100%”

Louise Myers


To make a booking or to purchase gift vouchers please email, please read below for prices, and terms & conditions.


A cookery lesson with Lisa in your own home will cost £70 per hour for a minimum of 3 hours. Up to 2 people can join the lesson during this time. If you would like to include an extra friend a supplement of £10 will be added to the hourly rate.

Please note that the above hourly rate of £70 per hour does not include any food costs.

Once we have agreed on your menu, a shopping list will be devised based on your requirements needed for the session.

Price List Per Hour (per person) Total (per person)
3 hour cookery lesson (max. 2) £70 £210
5 hour intense cookery course £60 £300
Supplement for a friend £10 £30/£50
2 ½ hour kids cookery lesson (Age 7-18) (max. 2 children) £60 £150
Supplementary child £10 £25

Please note that the food cost is not included in the above prices.

During a 3 hour session you will cook three dishes. This could be a 3-course dinner, or a combination of dishes to suit your requirements – soups, starters, main dishes, side dishes/sauces, cakes, desserts… the choice is yours!

During a 5 hour course you will cook 4/5 dishes. You can also choose from a range of soups, starts, main dishes, side dishes, cakes and desserts.

During the 2½ hour session the junior chefs will be stirring up some healthy dishes, from snacks, main meals, dessert and sneaky healthy treats.

Gift Vouchers

Payment must be received in full prior to gift vouchers being provided, please take into consideration that the food cost is not included in the hourly rate. A minimum of 3 hours must be purchased. Gift Vouchers will be valid for a period of 6 months from the date of booking.


Once a date has been confirmed you will be asked to fill out a form to establish your food preferences, what equipment you have etc. A full payment of your session will be required to secure your booking. All fees must be paid no less than 4 weeks before the start of the course. Based on your selected menu, you will be given a shopping list so you can either purchase the ingredients yourself or you may prefer to choose the Cook with Lisa shopping service.

Terms & Conditions

In principle, a cookery course is only available in Central London/Northwest (Zones 1 to 5). But if you live outside London I will try to accommodate your request on an individual basis.

Cancellation fee

There is a cancellation fee of £20.00 because for every booking I take incur costs. The costs include the administrative work undertaken to process a booking.

Should you need to cancel your booking please inform My Relationship with Food as soon as possible.

Up to 7 days notice

Full refund, less a cancellation fee of £20

Between 2 and 7 days

50% refund

Less than 48 hours notice

The full amount will apply. If My Relationship with Food is issued with a valid reason for cancellation in the case of illness, emergency or inclement weather, your session will be moved to an alternative date.