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ASDA Free from Christmas range

The magical, festive season is almost upon us and households worldwide are pulling out all the stops with Christmas decorations, flashing fairy lights and trees wrapped in tinsel and dazzling baubles. Radio stations are ahead of the game, busting out all-time favourites and old classics. You can certainly feel the festive mood taking full force out on the streets and supermarket shelves.

And when it comes to food, my plan is to have lots of it. If there’s anything that gets me excited, it’s eating delicious food with my nearest and dearest.

Sipping on hot chocolate, baking cookies and spending time with family and friends are only a few reasons why I can’t wait for the holiday. To me, Christmas time resembles happiness and an abundance of festive foods and I am utterly besotted with the holiday season and anything and everything in the build up to the special day. However, following a free from lifestyle can be challenging in the run up to Christmas, especially if you are juggling a multitude of obstacles, whether that be family, friends or work. And even though we are all aware of the copious stresses that the festive season can bring, we are all creatures of habit and leave absolutely everything to the last minute, especially gifts and food!

Thankfully, I have already had my first dose of festiveness! I’ve been super fortunate to receive an early Christmas hamper from ASDA with their new delicious Free From range complete with my all-time favourites: Christmas Cake, Mince Pies and Chocolate Truffles; to say I’m in the festive mood is a huge understatement! But being gluten/wheat and dairy free, topped with the challenge of trying to make everything from scratch! Being a chef, naturally, I can’t resist trying to get my hands messy and make everything myself (despite how daunting that may seem). However, I always find that as the year draws to a close, there’s never as much time as needed to get making everything. So these products are a life saver, and they taste utterly divine. I am all about sharing the love of products that tick my boxes and make my life easier. And as they say ’Tis the season to be indulgent’ and indulging in festive foodie goodies is exactly what I am going to do, and thanks to ASDA I can do so, safe in the knowledge that they fit in with my lifestyle and taste great!

No afternoon on the lead up to Christmas can go a miss without a hot Chocolate and it would be pretty much criminal not to enjoy a cheeky mince pie; these little morsels are jam packed with deliciousness. In fact, I’m always partial to warming my mince pies in the oven, and as I follow a diary free lifestyle, I don’t want to ever feel as though I’m missing out so I love to serve my mince pies with homemade custard using almond milk! And Christmas day is never complete without ending the feast with some irresistible chocolate truffles. But what’s so spectacular about ASDA’s heavenly assorted chocolate truffles is the soft creamy center that melts in your mouth! Mmmm.

Whenever I entertain in my home, I always serve my signature dish: Raw Chocolate Brownies. And this year, I am taking it up a notch and am going to decorate my brownies by giving them an effortless but sophisticated twist. Through adding the ASDA irresistible indulgent chocolate truffles I’m sure it will bring that extra decadence to my kitchen table.

Who doesn’t love Christmas? Lovely food, drinks and family and friends. Christmas, however, can be a stressful time with all the shopping and Christmas food. One way to avoid this is to be well prepared and you can never really start too early! Make this holiday season the most stress free and delicious one yet with these incredible Free From products from ASDA which will certainly save you some time allowing you to sit back and enjoy! My top tip is to remember to have fun. It’s Christmas dinner after all. My advice, keep the food and the booze flowing and make sure you have a sous chef to help clear up as you go along.



Gluten and Dairy Free

I must admit my favourite drink during the festive period is Amaretto, which is always accompanied by a slice of Christmas cake, so thank you to ASDA for creating this truly delicious cake. Crafted with spiced vine fruits and a splash of rich brandy, all wrapped in soft icing, this Christmas cake is to die for! Perfect for those leading a gluten/dairy-free lifestyle or anyone who wants to indulge without missing out this Christmas!


Gluten/Wheat and Dairy Free

The after dinner treat that never goes a miss in my household at Christmas! ASDA’s selection of filled truffles bring an entirely new meaning to the word indulgent! Rich, smooth and creamy in the centre, they are utterly divine. And ASDA’s assortment of truffles are free from gluten, wheat and best of all, dairy! I have to say that I’ve always been a sucker for salted caramel and ASDA’s dairy-free salted caramel truffle is the gift that keeps on giving! And in my opinion, truffles taste better with company so crack them open and let everyone indulge together over the festive season!



A santa-staple as I like to call them. Packed with plump sultanas and Bramley apple, with a touch of warming winter spice, these gluten-free mince pies are a staple for my household over Christmas. Perfect for when friends pop over for drinks and early on Christmas morning, you can’t beat these ASDA mince pies! Traditional and nutritional!
Without compromising on taste, Asda’s Free-From Extra Special range offers luxury alternative versions of classic Christmas products, allowing everyone to enjoy their favourite dishes and treats this festive season. Asda is proud to stock over 630 Free From products in its entire range across frozen, chilled, bakery and ambient. For more information visit

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