Your Fitness Magazine – Good Mood Food

7th March 2015

Thank you to Your Fitness Magazine for the wonderful feature. Good Mood Food. Spring into April with slighter menu to lift your mood and revitalise your energy levels. We love these seasonal offerings from chef and food writer Lisa Roukin here our top picks… Or you can pick up a copy of April edition of Your Fitness.

A healthy Relationship with Food

Refined sugar

White Starchy Carbs

Animal Fat & Cream

Rewarding yourself with calorie-laden foods


Cooking with colourful vegetables

The variety and types of foods you eat

Time spent on yourself

“Eat what nourishes your body, do what nourishes your soul, think what nourishes your mind”

“Perhaps the most intimate relationship each of us will have is not with another person – instead it’s between our bodies and our food”

Lisa x

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