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29th March 2017

Last week I hosted very special friends 40th birthday in my kitchen. The theme of the event was to provide wholesome, delicious food, together with a demonstration of how to incorporate fresh plant based ingredients into our lifestyles.

One of the questions that has stayed in my mind after the event was, how do I make vegetables taste so amazing? It sprung to my mind that in this day and age, although we are spoilt for choice, people are often uneducated on the array of vibrancy, taste and nutrients found in simple ingredients such as the salad that I demonstrated which was a Kohlrabi, Edamame, and Courgette Miso. Most of the guests at the demonstration had never seen or heard of the vegetable kohlrabi. Kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family, high in fibre and vitamin C, grows quickly. It’s a simple vegetable, possibly not so easily accessible from major supermarkets, but can be found in your local greengrocer. The salad was enjoyed by all, at the same time as being educated on the pros of kohlrabi.

I am a keen lover of salads throughout the year and there are so many wonderful things you can make when it comes to it with salads. You don’t always have to compromise in terms of lettuce and cucumber. Another recent recipe that was tested out with the girls was a delicious Green Lentil, Pickle, Caper & Halloumi Salad. This salad offers an abundance of wholesomeness from the green lentils, which adds the earthy clean texture to the salad. I’ve mixed in various condiments such as sun-dried tomato, capers, pickles and a touch of dill to ensure that each mouthful has a subtle taste to it. I love to incorporate lots of herbs that complement the salad and one of my favourite ingredients that I cannot live without is Herbamare. Herbamare is a mixture of freshly harvested organically grown herbs and vegetables with pure sea salt. Herbamare enhances the flavour of any recipe naturally. Use it in place of ordinary salt for vegetables & potatoes, meat & poultry and fish.

To complement these two beautiful salads there was also a stunning array of flavours on offer. One of my most popular dishes is a Salmon with Wasabi Pistachio Crust, alongside my Oriental Crispy Duck Salad and a firm favourite was a roasted Root Vegetables with Tahini and Chimichuri. None of my buffet offerings ever go without a large bowl of Quinoa with Shitake Mushrooms and Green Beans, together with another earthy dish, compromising of Roasted Beetroot, Petite Pois and Avocado. Some of these recipes are new to My Relationship with Food which you can either find on my website or you can email me to request them should you feel tempted by the beautiful pictures.

Last but not least, the guests were presented with my utterly, butterly delicious, Raw Cashew and Peanut Bars which are based around using plant based ingredients which are free from dairy, gluten and refined sugars (not calorie free!).

Wholefoods are foods that are as close to their natural state which gives us more nutrients that packaged foods don’t. Eating foods that have not been processed ensures that you consume the right amount of nutrients in the correct proportions. The feedback I received from the guests was that they were happily satiated after the meal they all enjoyed together and have great memories of the tastes.

You don’t have to cut out processed foods altogether in one go. The key is to introduce plant-based foods and instead of buying cakes or muffins, try making your own with plant based ingredients.

For more wholesome recipes you can either purchase ‘My Relationship with Food’ cookbook or visit

Lisa x

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