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8th February 2017

Guest blog for Lisa Roukin: I’m Lottie, a teen food blogger. Last year I was gifted with a cookery lesson with Lisa, who kindly suggested I could write a guest blog. Ever since I was young I’ve had a passion not only for baking but healthy eating also. My blog EatTeen is not mainly about recipes but in fact about healthy teen ideas for food choices as well as ways in which food can change the world. Yes, really!

As a teenager myself, I understand that people generally think that teenagers and food connect only with junk food, obesity or eating disorders. Well those people are wrong. There is a healthy ground of teenagers in the middle.

This is one of the main things my blog talks about. Being a teenager is all about freedom and independence. This is a positive as it means that we also have the freedom of food. This does not mean that we can eat whatever, whenever. It means that we are free to understand the healthier food alternatives and as teenagers grow up we start cooking for ourselves. This is one of my blogs main ideas.

Another message I would like to get out not only to teenagers but also to adults is the idea that junk food does not have to harm you. If you are eating fats and sugary products 24/7 then you should expect to be growing in weight. However having a coke or chocolate bar every so often most likely will not harm you.

My objective is to raise awareness to this as there are many teenagers and even some adults that seem to have a problem understanding a balanced diet.

Unlike many children I love all green vegetables. This includes kale, spinach, sprouts, asparagus and many more. However, I still enjoy having a chocolate milkshake once in a while. Having sugary products every so often is ok as long as it is part of a balanced diet.

My final message is not focused on teenagers but for everyone who is interested in children’s diets.

In many restaurants they have introduced a menu made especially for the children. Even a few decades ago this would not have been found at any restaurant. However, over the last few years almost every place is introducing them. WHY? Are children less important and don’t deserve the same quality food that adults are served?

This question has been going through my mind ever since I was 7 or 8. I came to the conclusion that children tend to eat less than adults. However, they could still happily eat the same style of food.

In many restaurants, whatever culture or location, a child’s menu is usually always the same type of food: hot dogs and pasta. I clearly remember once being at a very formal restaurant and the children’s menu being handed to my brother. The menu contained a hot dog but the adult menu contained good food like tuna poke! Children need smaller portions of the same food that they serve the adults for a cheaper price. This way the restaurant would be introducing delicious, original food to kids and also still be serving them good quality meals.

As you can see I am passionate about food and would love you to read and subscribe to my EatTeen blog. EatTeen

Lottie x

More about Lottie – I am 13 and have been writing a food blog since I was 11. One of my biggest passions is cooking and healthy eating. That is why I have created EatTeen. My aim for this EatTeen blog is to get the message out to you about great food, healthier alternatives and how food can mean a lot more than simply the meal on your plate.

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