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Thai Salmon & Pomelo Salad

3rd April 2017

 Pomelo salad is one of the most famous of all Thai salads, and a favourite among Thai food fans. You’ll find it very unique and refreshing, as so will your guests.

{serves 4  as main or 6 starter}


4 salmon cooked fillets, flaked

1 pomelo, or two pink grapefruits (cut into segments, discarding the pith and membranes)

2 carrots, peeled and julienned

½ large cucumber, deseeded and cut into matchstick size pieces

¼ white cabbage, thinly shredded


1 echalion shallot, finely chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

2 tbsp. walnut or peanut oil

1 lime, juice

3 tbsp. sweet chili sauce

2 tbsp. palm sugar

1 tsp. tamari soy sauce (gluten-free)

1 tsp. sesame oil

1 handful coriander, finely chopped


1 handful, coriander

50g peanuts or cashews, chopped (roasted)

Preparation time – 30 mins, cooking time – 3 minutes mins

In a small saucepan add the walnut oil and finely chopped shallots, sauté until about 3 minutes until soft and translucent. When the shallots are soft remove from the heat add the minced garlic, mix together and leave to cool. When cooled add the lime juice, sweet chili sauce, palm sugar, tamari soy sauce and sesame oil stir well until everything has combined then add the finely chopped coriander, leave to infuse.

Prepare your pomelo or grapefruit, removing as much of the white peel as possible from the fruit. Cut both the top and bottom ends off. Then cut the pith away, all the way around the pomelo, starting from top to the bottom. Then slice into each segment discarding the membranes. Cut each segment into 3 chunks.

In large bowl, toss cucumber, carrot, shredded cabbage, cooked salmon. Add pomelo and dressing; toss gently. Just before serving, sprinkle with chopped peanuts or cashews and coriander leaves.

LISA’S TIP – Pomelo is a fabulous version of a large grapefruit that is very common in Thailand. It can be eaten in many ways but the most common ways are to eat it just as a fruit or make a salad with it. I have suggested as an alternative to use grapefruit as a substitute for pomelo, I encourage you to find a pomelo in a Asian supermarket. Then, if you absolutely cannot find one, use grapefruit segments, blotted dry with kitchen towel to remove as much juice as possible. If preparing this salad for a party, keep the dressing apart from the salad until ready to eat, then toss them together just before serving.

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