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15th March 2017

As spring is finally here we can observe the changes in our surroundings; the days get longer, the nights shorter and back out come those spring jackets that it has been just a bit too cold to wear. I personally love the spring months; not only does it provide me with a whole new range of foods to cook with but it’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors as temperatures are at their finest, especially with this beautiful weather we are currently experiencing. It is neither too hot nor too cold.

Greatly associated with the spring months is the term ‘spring cleaning’. So rummage around your cleaning cupboards and get out that feather duster and allow yourself to embrace all that spring has to offer. Spring cleaning allows you to develop your productive side. Being organised can help you out in the future as it will save you from wasting time searching for things you have lost. The process of cleaning can also be extremely therapeutic. If you are going through a hard time or feeling stressed, spending an afternoon cleaning your kitchen can not only make you feel a lot better but also can greatly increase your energy levels. It seems strange to think that cleaning could make you feel energised but in the same way exercise makes you feel much better about yourself afterward, cleaning does this too. Having said that, you do not need a season to define when you engage in activities such as a clean of your home. Yes, it may be a great time of year to start fresh and get rid of old clothes and items in your home that are no longer of use, but this does not mean you have to neglect your surroundings at all other times of the year.

Of course we are all aware of the reasoning behind the emergence of spring being an exciting time for me. As I am a seasonal eater and cooker, spring brings along with it the beginning of a whole new range of ingredients to cook with. I particularly enjoy getting my hands dirty with foods such as blueberries, asparagus and strawberries. I love to get busy cooking meals with my seasonal products and really make the most of the nutrients they contain. It always brings me great pleasure to know spring is approaching and I automatically find myself with a plethora of new ingredients and ideas to work with in the kitchen.

Spring allows me to spend much more time developing my recipes as the days get longer and the nights get shorter; this is perfect for someone who is always busy! Whether you wish to spend copious amounts of time in the kitchen, you need that bit more time to carry out the housework or you simply want some time to yourself, springtime allows this. Spirits are higher as we no longer finish work in the dark, gloomy hours and instead it seems the day is far from over when we are done.

Whatever it is that brings you joy in springtime, embrace it!

Lisa x

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