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My Relationship with Food features 100 delicious recipes, each mirrored by beautiful photography. All the dishes are virtually gluten-free and see minimal use of dairy and refined sugars. The recipes are seasonal, helping you make the most of the best produce available to create nourishing meals. Perfect for those wishing to build on their repertoire, introducing you to some inspiring breakfasts, lunches, soups, sides, dinners and treats.

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My Relationship with Food – More than a cookbook. One woman’s journey to better eating.

My Relationship with Food features 100 delicious recipes, each mirrored by beautiful photography. All the dishes are virtually gluten-free and see minimal use of dairy and refined sugars. The recipes are seasonal, helping you make the most of the best produce available to create nourishing meals. Perfect for those wishing to build on their repertoire, introducing you to some inspiring breakfasts, lunches, soups, sides, dinners and treats.

It also features the personal story of Chef, Lisa Roukin and her journey to developing a better relationship with food. Learn how, with some clever cooking knowledge and experimentation, she turned her life around after struggling with bad food habits for many years.


Lisa’s journey through her relationships in life, mirrored in her relationship with food is a compelling, nuanced and illuminating account – with great recipes and life lessons to boot.

Tony Adams, MBE Former Arsenal and England Captain

I love this book. It’s full of recipes of exactly the meals my family and I want to eat.

Tim Steiner – Founder and CEO of Ocado

This book is an honest look at one woman’s relationship with food and has some great recipes. I also love the fact it’s all gluten free!

Gaby Roslin, TV Presenter & Broadcaster

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  1. :

    Lovely , colourful book with delicious recipes for the whole family. Healthy yet very very tasty – a must in every kitchen and an added bonus for someone who has a wheat intolerance that it’s mainly gluten free! Can’t wait for the next book – thank you lisa x

  2. :

    The introduction to the book says “this isn’t an ordinary cookbook” and that’s true. It is much BETTER than the run of the mill books on the market because Lisa tells her story in a personal way – it’s almost like she’s talking to you directly – and she explains how it relates to the food she makes.
    I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in cooking as it has:
    – very clear step by step instructions
    – a diverse range of recipes
    – recipes sorted by season rather than by course making it easier find want you want to cook right now
    – handy tips at the bottom of each recipe on how to really make the dish successful

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    This is the only recipe book I have ever cooked from, as I have found others really complicated to follow and the ingredients you need really too much, Lisa’s book is easy to follow with simple recipe ideas, in fact I made the butternut squash and carrot soup last night there was not a drop left!!! I have also taken over to a family dinner the Crispy Kale Salad with Avocado and Peas, everybody loved it and asked who made it!!! I was proud to say me, as this has never happend to me before, as believe me I am no cook, that’s why I love the book, and have bought it for 2 if my friends, I highly recommend it.

  4. :

    A fabulous book, the recipes are easy to follow and delicious. I thought the handy tips at the bottom were really useful as was Lisa’s advice about batch cooking – essential as a busy mum!

  5. (verified owner):

    Nothing makes me happier than reading a good cook book and taking inspiration from it. Lisa Roukin’s My Relationship With Food definitely ticks both those boxes. I love how she has taken ‘classic’ recipes and given them a really healthy twist – her raw chocolate brownies are genius! I’ve made quite a few things from the book, including the seared tuna (looks and tastes spectacular), quinoa frittata and my new go to snack – crispy kale. I can’t wait to try other recipes. It’s really delicious food and truly good for the body and soul.

  6. (verified owner):

    I can’t tell you how excited I was to receive my cookbook – shipped all the way from London to San Diego! I was recently diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten and dairy products and while there are many gluten free products available in the supermarkets most of them have so many other ingredients in them that I can’t even pronounce the names of that I am loathe to even try them. My Relationship with Food has more than enough delicious and very nutritious gluten free recipes in it to keep me satisfied for a very long time. I get excited every time I take the book off the shelf to look for a recipe to cook for my friends and family! Thank you Lisa for this magnificent book xxxx

  7. :

    Well done Lisa. I own french patisseries in South Africa and added a healthy menu to our offering. I have just loved Lisa’s book. Her recipes are so on trend, exciting and easy to use.

  8. :

    Great book ! Easy recepies for all the family and most important healthy.
    The book is very colourful and with simple instructions and lot of cooking Tips .
    Great present to someone you love.

  9. (verified owner):

    I pretty much collect cookbooks and I absolutely love this one. The recipes are easy to follow and just what you fancy eating with the added bonus of being healthy! Also lovely if you want to relax and have a browse through, something I love to do. Your story is inspirational.

  10. (verified owner):

    I love to cook and I read a lot of cookbooks. Lisa’s book is right up there with the best. Its colourful to look at, the recipes are nutritious and healthy but not boring and most important, having tried many of them, they work! Well done Lisa, you have managed to turn a negative relationship with food into a positive one that we can all now share with you. Thank you!

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    fabulous book. recipes are easy to follow and such a diverse range to choose from.

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    This book is so refreshing. I’m not much of a cook but try my best to eat clean. “My Relationship with food” inspires me to cook more. The recipes are easy to follow, I love that it’s all about clean and healthy eating, and I love that it’s themed by season. I agree with the theory of eating foods in season. It’s a recipe book to enjoy flicking through over and over, inspiring me to explore new foods and to cook more than scrambled egg!

  13. :

    I have literally been cooking my way through this book! The recipes are easy and not hugely time consuming which suits me as a working mum. They’re all about eating ‘well’ rather than following some fad diet so you feel like you are treating your body to nourishing, tasty meals rather than depriving yourself. The Asian Chicken Salad was an instant favourite as it’s perfect with left over roast chicken. And the Granola is simply yum as breakfast or a snack. Thanks Lisa for helping me with my New Year’s Resolution of cooking more!

  14. (verified owner):

    My daughter suffers from a colitis and is gluten free so I ordered Lisa’s book to give me inspiration. I have been working my way through numerous recipes and each one is better than the last! In fact, they are all so delicious and easy to make that the whole family can now eat the same meal instead of having to cook different meals to cater for different diets! So far I have made the Sesame-Seared Tuna, Chicken and Sweetcorn soup and Crispy Duck Salad and tonight on the menu is the Asian Chicken Salad and Cauliflower Pizza – can’t wait!! I highly recommend this book.

  15. :

    This is not just a cookbook, it’s a documentation of a human journey too. The recipes are diverse, healthy and delicious and from one who needs motivation to get myself into the kitchen and become creative, this book has helped me to do just that! This is a must have for the kitchen, a treat for oneself and a delightful pressie for another! Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

  16. (verified owner):

    This wonderful cook book has taught me so much, not only about cooking but about Lisa’s story. It is so personal and heart warming and it has the most amazing recipes too. I am so excited to try all these recipes, not only are they delicious but they are healthy too so that is always an added bonus. I never thought I would be able to cook like this but I can now and I am impressing all my friends! Thank you Lisa

  17. :

    I was never a cook book kinda person, but this cook book is so easy to follow and simple! The food dishes are dishes that I can serve my kids as well as adults! I love all the dishes, and I am so excited to cook them all, healthy and delicious.

  18. :

    Great, colourful book with lots of healthy delicious recipes – fully recommended !

  19. (verified owner):

    This is a fantastic cookbook , with recipes that are easy to follow. I love the fact that this cookbook is split into seasons. I find the sections about seasonal foods a useful reminder of what ingredients I should try cooking . I have impressed my family and friends with Lisa’s ‘ honey and soy salmon recipe’ ( they just don’t realise how easy it is to make!) Thanks Lisa.

  20. :

    I love this book for the simplistic recipes, that are easy to follow and tempting for the appetite. Another big part of the book I like are the aesthetically appealing photographs, and the descriptions of seasonal foods. My children also relax browsing through this book, looking, reading and choosing the recipes that appeal to them. This is a family cook book but also perfect for the singleton, where any dish will comfort or refresh you. Buy and enjoy !!!!!!!

  21. :

    I relocated with my family to Toronto from London UK a few years ago. Lisa’s cookbook is like having a friend put their arms around you, with some recipes from home. I love to cook and this has inspired me to get back on track with the healthier lifestyle. Beautifully presented and easy to follow for anyone. Although all ingredients are easy to find in Toronto it would be great to see a North American version in the future. I highly recommend this book.

  22. 5 out of 5


    This book is wonderful , easy to follow, many choices, recipes are concise and easy to follow.
    I have made quite a few of the recipes and they are all delicious! and healthy!!
    Well done!

  23. (verified owner):

    Amazing book!

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