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Roasted Sweetcorn and Halloumi Salad

5th June 2017

A bright and colourful salad is a meal in itself, the sweetness of the honey compliments the saltiness of the halloumi

{serves 4}


4 corn on the cobs, cut kernels off

300g cherry tomatoes, halved

2 avocadoes, cubed

2 ½ tbsp. sun blushed or sundried tomato oil from the jar olive oil

250g halloumi, cut into 12 slices

4-6 sun blushed or sundried tomatoes

¼ tsp. chilli flakes

1 tbsp. honey or agave nectar

sea salt and black pepper

Preparation time – 10 mins, cooking time – 35 mins

Pre-heat the oven to 425°F, gas mark 7, 220°C (200°C fan-assisted).

Slice the corn kernels off the cob using a serrated knife and place on a baking tray lined with My Relationship with Food silicon baking mat or parchment paper. Then add 2 tbsp. of the oil from a jar of sundried tomato (you can use olive oil, but I like the flavour the sun dried tomato gives) and black pepper and put in the oven for 35 minutes.

Take the halloumi and cut into 12 slices, then heat a non-stick frying or griddle pan over the hob and place the halloumi slices in the pan, cooking each side until lightly browned, using a fork to turn the slices over. Place on a plate, sprinkle with chilli flakes and drizzle with the honey, set that aside to cool. Once cooled, cut into cubes

Check on the sweetcorn after 15 minutes and just give it a quick stir and lay it flat.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half, cutting through the width of the tomato.

Cut the avocado in half then twist it to take it away from the stone, remove the stone and cut into the avocado horizontally and vertically then scoop out the cubes from the skin.

Once the sweetcorn is roasted, remove it from the oven and leave to cool.

To serve, put the roasted sweetcorn, halloumi on a large serving platter and mix together, then scatter the tomatoes, avocadoes and sunblushed tomatoes on top and season with salt and black pepper and a drizzle of sunblushed tomato oil.

LISA’S TIP – The roasted sweetcorn in this salad gives it a fantastic crunch. I’ve suggested 35 minutes for roasting the sweetcorn, but keep an eye on it and you may like to keep it in for another 5 minutes to give an extra crunch. You can also add a little balsamic or Sriracha chilli sauce before serving.

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