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Kick-start my dream

19th July 2017

Kickstarting my dream to create cookbook number two is a new route that I have chosen to explore. Crowdfunding is a wonderful way to reach out to the universe to raise funds from your family, friends and other supporters. In life, they say you never know until you try. So far, I am extremely grateful to everyone who has supported this project. I am a big believer in giving all options a go. Success is achieved by those who try, and where there is nothing to lose by trying and a great deal to gain if successful, then by all means we should try. Remember… if you don’t try, you will neither succeed or fail…

Lisa’s Pantry will be the sequel to my first cookbook, My Relationship with Food. After successfully self-publishing my first book, I wanted to continue to offer delicious and nutritious gluten-free, no refined sugar and limited dairy recipes.

My style of cooking talks to everyone, not only those who are intolerant to gluten. It offers a variety of cooking styles for anyone who likes to eat healthy and delicious foods. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or like to incorporate a healthy, eclectic diet of meat, poultry and fish, my recipes have something for everyone to enjoy.

The reason I got into the field of recipe developing and cooking was a result of my own battles with food in my earlier years. After seeing the response I have had from my first cookbook, it has proven to me that opening up and expressing my story about battling with weight issues shows others that you can turn things around and make your relationship with food a positive one, as I have done.

I am so grateful for my audience who have come together and follow my recipes with admiration and passion to create easy and nutritious meals for themselves and their friends and families.

I am positive that I have inspired people in a range of ways, from identifying their own issues with food to bringing families together through new ways of cooking.

Even to this day it excites me when my followers share a creation they have made from my cookbook; it is amazing to see people coming together through a shared love of food.

Since launching My Relationship with Food, my knowledge and understanding of cooking and designing recipes has greatly expanded. I have been working hard in the kitchen, experimenting with new ideas and I am really hoping to share them.

I am an author, chef and teacher with a strong passion for nutritional, wholesome and delicious foods.

It was through my own challenging journey that I developed a wealth of knowledge and experience that has led me to become an expert in all things gluten-free as well as an industry leader in healthy eating. I have now devoted my life to sharing my passion and encouraging, supporting and inspiring people to change their dietary habits for the better.

Two years ago I self-published my debut cookery book, My Relationship with Food, which features 100 delicious, nourishing and seasonal recipes, all gluten-free with minimal use of dairy and no refined sugar.

A few of my personal favourites...
A few of my personal favourites…

I spend much of my time teaching. This begins with educating children to understand the importance of good nutrition and instilling good habits from an early age by teaching them to cook within their own homes and to gain confidence in the kitchen which is a skill they will have for life.

I also provide cookery lessons to private clients in their homes and regularly visit employees of leading blue chip companies, including Google, Facebook, KPMGand Nomura, amongst others.I run interactive cookery workshops and demonstrations to advise on the benefits of mindful eating, particularly at various charity fundraising events such as Reverse RettHeart Cells Foundation and One Family UK.

A partnership with an established contract caterer, allowed me to set up my pop up Lisa’s Pantry which involves offering healthy options to a number of city banks, encouraging nutritional eating in the workplace.

It is not only food that I love to produce, I have also manufactured a kitchenware product under my brand, My Relationship with Food. This is a silicone, fibreglass baking mat which is a product that every household could benefit from. They are reusable alternatives to aluminium foil or parchment paper. They are BPA freenon stick and extremely easy to clean, saving you time, money and introducing you to a healthier way of cooking. Please visit my website for more information.

I believe that everyone has their own relationship with food, from allergies or intolerances, dieting and suffering from an eating disorder, to simply having a love for all things edible.

Through many ups and downs, I’ve managed to turn my own relationship with food around. I transformed my style of eating to what works best for my body, adopting a gluten-free diet, limiting dairy and refined sugars.


From left: Roasted Aubergine, Wasabi Crusted Salmon and Beef Teriyaki
From left: Roasted Aubergine, Wasabi Crusted Salmon and Beef Teriyaki


“Lisa’s journey through her relationships in life, mirrored in her relationship with food is a compelling, nuanced and illuminating account – with great recipes and life lessons to boot”Tony Adams, MBE Former Arsenal and England Captain

“I love this book. It’s full of recipes of exactly the meals my family and I want to eat.”     Tim Steiner Founder and CEO of Ocado

“This book is an honest look at one woman’s relationship with food and has some great recipes. I also love the fact it’s all gluten-free!”   Gaby Roslin TV presenter and broadcaster


Preview of the new book
Preview of the new book
Sneaky peak inside
Sneaky peak inside


In January 2014 my New Year’s resolution was to fulfil my lifelong dream of having my own cookbook. I investigated various routes to self-publishing as I didn’t want my dream to be knocked down by a publisher who didn’t believe in my story; it was my story that I wanted to tell my way.

I set myself on a journey to bring this cookbook to life; the journey has been incredibly exciting. It has opened many doors for my story to be heard and I want to be able to re-live this experience. Producing the cookbook has changed my life in so many ways and I have met so many wonderful people along the way; I want to achieve even greater things by carrying out this process again.

My story is personal and I want my book to be personal too; I don’t want to hand it over to someone else. I also love bringing other budding professionals in and giving them the chance to get their feet off the ground in the same way that I have done, whether that be food stylists, photographers, creative illustrators, copyrighters, make up, hair, clothes stylist etc.

Self-publishing is an expensive process and this is why I am asking for your help through Kickstarter, it would mean so much to me and I would be able to offer you great recipes and other gifts in return. ..


The goal is to raise £40,000. I know this is not a small amount of money but it takes a lot to publish a book. This sum of money would allow me to print around 2000 books.

So much goes into publishing a book that you probably don’t even think about: the page layouts, the printing, the food testing and styling, recipe developing as well as the artwork and photography and Kickstarter fees, of course.

If I was to raise even more than this it would really allow me to get stuck in and develop my brand ideas even further but £40,000 would provide an amazing starting point.

If I can raise more funds than the project goal amount, this will help me to continue my work in the following ways:

  • Develop a product range under the branding of Lisa’s Pantry including smoothiesprotein bars and grab ‘n’ go meals
  • Print a second round of books
  • Put money into developing my cooking videos
Lisa's Pantry product range
Lisa’s Pantry product range


Lisa's Pantry protein and granola bars
Lisa’s Pantry protein and granola bars


Lisa's Pantry smoothies and juices
Lisa’s Pantry smoothies and juices


June – July: Run Kickstarter

July- August: Kickstarter ends + production of Lisa’s Pantry cookbook begins

September: Production begins

October-November: Production complete + launch party

November-February 2018: All Kickstarter rewards delivered

Please be aware that as a result of unforeseeable circumstances, this timeline is not set in stone.


Click the image to read press articles
Click the image to read press articles


If you would like to support my project please visit my Kickstarter page by clicking this logo  

Warm regards


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