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22nd March 2017


Today is officially the most exciting day of 2017 so far! Hot off the press, I have received a delivery of the paperback version of my gluten-free cookbook, My Relationship with Food, which is now available to buy.

When I first launched the book in hardback at the end of 2014, I could never have imagined that 2,500 copies would sell out so quickly. Through increasing demand, I made it available on Kindle two years later, and I am now on the second print run.

If you follow my recipes and regularly read my blog, you’ll understand my passion for healthy eating and the challenging journey I have encountered, to reach this point. My book is self-published, as through my own relationship with food, I hope to inspire, encourage and support people, to change their eating habits for the better. You may have allergies or intolerances, you could be constantly dieting to no avail, perhaps you’re struggling with your own eating issues, or you may simply love food and are looking for some healthy new ideas. You may be vegan, vegetarian or paleo, perhaps you love fish, poultry, or are an avid meat eater; there is something inside for everyone.

My book features 100 delicious, nourishing and seasonal recipes; all gluten-free and with minimal use of dairy and refined sugar. I encourage seasonal eating, so the recipes are divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter, each with simple ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, soups and sides, and healthy treats.

The gluten-free market is growing rapidly, with 13% of British people now opting for a completely gluten-free diet. You may be surprised, that only 1% of this figure actually suffers from a gluten intolerance or allergy. As awareness for a healthier lifestyle increases, more and more people are looking to change their eating habits, cutting out refined sugars, carbohydrates and processed foods. We want to know the provenance of our food, so opting to cook at home from scratch, is beginning to favour the microwave meal.

You may also be surprised, that it’s the next generation who are really embracing this way of life. I have noticed a significant uplift in university students across the country, who are following my recipes and making their own food, using raw ingredients. Could we be saying goodbye to the instant noodles many students have survived on in the past? Now there’s food for thought…

The new paperback version of My Relationship with Food is available at a special price of £10 for a limited period only from

Happy shopping!

Lisa x

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