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Gluten-Free Hamentaschen with Blueberry Chia Seed Jam

6th March 2017

No reason to be missing out just because you’re gluten-free, and what’s even better this version that I’ve created is free from dairy and no refined sugars!

{makes 20-21}


350g millet flour extra, 10g for rolling out (360g in total)

1 tsp. baking powder, gluten-free

2 eggs, medium

100g agave nectar, mild & light

60ml rapeseed oil

2 pinches salt

½ – 1 lemon zest, unwaxed (depending on your preferefnce)

1 tsp. vanilla bean paste or 1 vanilla bean pod (de-seeded)


blueberry chia seed jam or sugar free jam (or for indulgence chocolate nut butter)

Preparation time – 20 mins, chilling time –30-60 mins cooking time –12-14 mins

Preheat the oven to 350°F, gas mark 4, 180°C (160°C for fan-assisted).

Line two baking trays with a My Relationship with Food silicone baking mat.

To make the pastry in a mixing bowl add the eggs and beat with a fork until smooth. Add the oil and agave nectar, vanilla bean, lemon zest and stir together. In a separate bowl sift the flour together with the baking powder and sea salt (holding back 10g of millet flour, for rolling out).

Gradually add the flour to the wet ingredients, then bind together to a smooth dough, shape into a flattened oval disc, wrap in cling film and chill for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour, in the refrigerator (the longer you chill, easier to roll out).

When you are ready to roll, place a large piece of parchment paper on your clean work surface, sprinkle a little reserved millet flour. Remove the pastry from the fridge, cut into half and place one half back in the refrigerator until needed.

Roll the dough on a lightly floured surface using a rolling pin to about 1/4-inch thick. Cut circles (or other fun shapes) using cookie cutters 2 1/2 to 3 inches using a pastry cutter, cut out your rounds, then place directly onto your pre-lined tray.

Place a spoonful of filling in center (about 1 teaspoon per cookie) and then pinch one side up. Turn and pinch second and then third to make a triangular shape, make sure the corners are tightly pinched together. Leave a little bit of the filling showing at the top

Place in the pre-heated oven for 12-14 minutes depending on your oven (I cooked mine for 12 minutes).

Remove from the oven and leave to cool on a wire rack.


LISA’S TIP – Make sure you pinch the edges tightly as you want to keep the shape! Try some different fillings, chocolate, jam or prune… Fillings should be nice and thick, but not too dry. Make the dough in advance. It will work better if cold, and most hamantaschen dough’s freeze really well. Just let it get soft enough to roll out once you’re ready to use them. Be creative! For getting really fancy, I might drizzle chocolate on top or even dip part or all of each finished cookie in chocolate. Can’t go wrong with that! Hamantaschen keep in an airtight container at room temperature 3 days.



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