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All or Nothing

2nd August 2017

Officially today, my crowdfunding campaign has ended. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reach my target, but I am incredibly grateful for all the support and donations that I received from everyone who pledged or were kind enough to share my campaign on social media. Launching this Kickstarter crowdfunding page was a way for me to self-publish and share with you a second cookbook of new recipes.

All-or-nothing funding is a crucial aspect of Kickstarter campaigns. Therefore, this project will have to be put on hold until I find another way to make it possible. So, what has this experience taught me? As I have previously said, I am very much a believer in trying every opportunity and means to make something possible. I was never fully aware of the platform ‘Kickstarter’, until I was introduced to it by someone who successfully raised sufficient funds to open their own restaurant. Numerous people in the entrepreneurial world have tried and tested various projects and methods to achieve their goals. Failure should not be disheartening, since it is the courage to continue that matters. Sometimes you need to fail in order to succeed, as nothing in life ever comes easy. Nevertheless, should I wish to revisit this opportunity again, there are valuable lessons I have learnt from this experience. Having experienced Kickstarter, and understanding how to utilise a crowdfunding platform, I will certainly make some adjustments when relaunching another campaign in the future.

Today, I wish to share my feelings about not reaching my goal target. When I first considered Kickstarter, a few comments were made about whether I would be able to handle not hitting my target. I am not at all upset by the outcome, but as much as I would have loved to create cookbook number two, I am a sole believer that everything in life is down to timing. I am very optimistic that my second cookbook will be released in due course, when the time is right. My campaign over the last month has been an incredible journey, where even some of the most unassuming people came forward and pledged, which I am extremely grateful for.

I would like to share one particular incident that happened last week, whilst attending an Entrepreneurial talk evening. I signed up to the event and made my way to the heart of the city. On my arrival, I found myself a comfortable seat within the front of the crowd, holding a glass of chilled rosé in one hand, to relax myself after a hard day in the kitchen. During the event, I met a fellow entrepreneur where we expressed our goals, aspirations and visions to each other. The gentleman was actually one of the speakers at the event, so it was interesting to speak to him prior to his pitch and find out more about his journey. The evening kicked off with three speakers taking to the floor, conveying their reasoning behind their ideas and the need for fundraising. Much to our surprise, the final 2 pitchers failed to turn up, leaving the floor space vacant. Subsequently, the host for the evening asked if any audience members wanted to share their own ideas to the crowd. With my chilled rosé held accountable, I found the courage to raise my hand, and make an impromptu appearance on stage, to wholeheartedly share my passion for cooking and my reasoning behind crowdfunding for cookbook number two.

This experience may have been unplanned, but in life, when you are presented with an opportunity, I have learnt to grasp it with both hands. When leaving the event, I received a connection request on LinkedIn, which to my surprise, was followed up by an unexpected, yet generous donation for my Kickstarter project from someone in the audience. If I had not attended this event, and found the courage to go up on stage, this donation would have never been made. This has taught me a valuable lesson in life, that you never know until you try.


Although I did not raise the necessary funds for my new cookbook, I managed to raise over £12,500 which has kept my faith and optimism in releasing a second cookbook in the future. Kickstarter has taught me to reach out to others, (even those that are unexpected), and share my journey and belief in helping others. In the meantime, I will continue developing more delicious, healthy recipes, in the hope that one day, I will be able to turn a new cookbook into reality for the much-anticipated followers.

Lisa x


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