Welcome to the My Relationship with Food programme. This is an area where I am able to extend my knowledge to you on a personal level with first hand one-to-one tailored guidance. There are two areas of the My Relationship with Food Programme which you may find will help you along your journey. Whether you are struggling to maintain your weight loss and the fear of putting the weight back on is worrying you, or you have recovered from an eating disorder and you are looking to have a healthier relationship with food. If you are looking for lifestyle guidance, my programme may be just right for you. Both programmes are designed to focus solely on your personal growth and development and offer you a chance to grow connected to the choices you make, become more knowledgeable and happier within yourself and your approach to food.

What is a Relationship with Food?

If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, it can seem a little alien to refer to our connection with food as a relationship. Most people don’t even think they have a relationship with food, but trust me, you do. The dictionary defines the term ‘relationship’ as ‘the way in which two or more people or things are connected’. Essentially, if you fuel your body with nutritious foods and goodness, your body will thank you in return. It is all connected. Let’s put it this way; you wouldn’t want to invite a friend into your home who you don’t get along with or doesn’t make you feel good, in the same way that the food you are consuming needs to be beneficial and enhancing for your body. Arguably even more so, given that you are not merely inviting food into your home but welcoming it inside your body.

My Relationship with Food Events

Welcome to my events, whether I will be demonstrating in my own kitchen, or at a venue. I welcome you to attend one of my events in a relaxed environment. The motivation behind my cooking demonstrations is to encourage and inspire people to get back in the kitchen and cook wholesome food. My recipes are Gluten-Free which are designed to be fairly easy, to use ingredients that can be found in a local supermarket and can be served to a whole family. I also encourage you to attend any of my lifestyle events, giving you an insight of how to nourish yourself and nurture your relationship with food.

My Relationship with Food Cookbook

My Relationship with Food features 100 delicious recipes, each mirrored by beautiful photography. All the dishes are gluten-free and see minimal use of dairy and refined sugars. The recipes are seasonal, helping you make the most of the best produce available to create nourishing meals. Perfect for those wishing to build on their repertoire, introducing you to some inspiring breakfasts, lunches, soups, sides, dinners and treats.

My Relationship With Food Cookbook

My Relationship with Food Baking Mat

My relationship with Food silicone baking mats are the perfect choice and the investment will last for years. The benefit of the BPA-free silicone mat is that nothing sticks thus enabling cooks to reduce oil up to a full 100%. Whether the mat is used for roasting vegetables, with only a touch of oil for flavour, or baking homemade fish & chips made with corn flakes instead of traditional wheat-based batter, any added oil is minimal compared to frying.

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Lisa Roukin’s cookbook, ‘My Relationship with Food’ explores a lifetime of eating together wih 100 recipes to nourish mind, body & soul is a veritable autobiography borne out by the author’s struggle with childhood obesity, overcoming bullying at school and her lifelong battle to maintain a healthy diet which she still grapples with to this day.

Her traumatic experiences as child helped to form her entire outlook and understand the psychological impact negative choices about food can have on one’s relationships, career and family, and how the road to positive eating is fraught with problems if food becomes an addiction.


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